Hemp, hemp, hooray! Notis Global featured in Pueblo Chieftain Editorial

Hemp, hemp, hooray!

Chieftain Editorial
Published: July 12, 2016; Last modified: July 14, 2016 09:11AM

AGRICULTURE, has sustained Pueblo County since before its inception. Now Los Angeles-based Notis Global wants to keep the county’s farm tradition alive and lucrative through the production of hemp oil.

Notis Global’s growing operation can be seen from U.S. 50 east of the airport -- 4,200 plants hidden inside 36,000 square feet of greenhouse space. Unlike marijuana, hemp’s controversial cannabis cousin, the healing oils derived from hemp contain no THC, the psychoactive drug in marijuana. Instead the active healing ingredient in hemp oil is cannabidiol, or CBD.

“You could smoke all you wanted and you wouldn’t get high,” said Clint Pyatt, a Marine Corps veteran and third-generation Oklahoma farmer who’s the company’s chief operating officer.

Yet hemp oil’s healing properties have benefited young and old alike, and Notis Global is investing millions restoring its greenhouses (used by a previous operation to grow sod) in Pueblo County so the company can reap solid financial gains from its lifesaving product while sustaining our agricultural heritage. And Notis Global, a publicly traded company using its own capital, hopes to eventually bring jobs when it invests even more and expands to 120,000 feet of growing space on its current site and opens a planned hemp processing facility on a separate site in Pueblo County.

“We’re looking to invest more millions of dollars to expand and do it the right way. We like to say we’re the mature people in the industry,” said Pyatt, who is 45 years old.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is for companies like Notis Global to harvest the benefits of Pueblo County’s established agricultural customs while stimulating our economy in the process. Welcome to the community, Notis Global.

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